At Naughty Florals, we celebrate being who you are at ALL moments of life! (not just the ‘big’ ones)


Here at Naughty Florals, we laugh, we cry, we cel-e-brate life.
And sometimes, we even fuck up.
But you know what…
THAT’S OK- That’s what makes us HUMAN.

So whether you are patting yourself on the back for making your bed this morning, eating your damn vegetables, OR you made it through another Tuesday- we’re here for it!

Welcome to Naughty Florals. I’m SO glad you are here!

A bit about Heather...

As a Fine Arts Graduate, I knew I wanted to do something with my skills and passion but initially, I wasn’t too sure about the what or the how. Then one day, a friend asked me if I wanted to be a business owner? Or an artist? and I thought… Why not both?

And then it was like a fricken bolt of lightning hit me!

Naughty Florals had been budding inside me for a long time, but now it was blooming! I saw the brand colours, the cheeky sayings, the salty language, and watercolour florals all in my head. This was an idea worth nurturing!

In November 2018, I officially launched Naughty Florals on Etsy with my first six cards. (Eeee!) Since then, I’m so stoked to say that Naughty Florals has truly blossomed to include more cards, stickers, wall art and is available online and in stores all across North America!

But, I’m not done growing...

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We value...

The Maker Community
All of the products you see are designed and made by yours truly!I start with creating a sketch and watercolour design; it isn’t quick or easy. Because of this, I feel the effort and love that goes into creating products by hand and am a proud member and supporter of the maker community.

Being Your Damn Self
We believe that part of what makes life worth living is our differences.That’s why we celebrate people from all walks of life. Naughty Florals is dedicated to supporting the LGBTQI and the BIPOC community; we believe that you are amazing just as you are.

Doing your Fucking Best!
We can’t all be perfect all the time. We strive to do our best for ourselves, for our circle, and for the environment! Which is why all of our cards are made on 100% recycled paper. We are working towards creating a greener future with each expansion and are committed to learning and growing with you.

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